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DAY 1 | May It Bee Event 2024

Immersive Experience Aboard the Blue Clipper The event set sail with an extraordinary visit to the traditional sailing vessel, Blue Clipper, docked at the Yacht Club de Monaco. This beautiful ship served as more than just a symbol of maritime heritage; it was a dynamic classroom showcasing sustainable tourism. We extend our deepest gratitude to the Yacht Club de Monaco and the Prince Albert II Foundation for their support in this initiative, which aligns with SDG 14: Life Below Water, emphasizing the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans.
Launch of Blue Schools of Sustainability During our time aboard the Blue Clipper, we proudly launched the Blue Schools of Sustainability initiative. This program underscores our dedication to biodiversity, especially the essential role bees play in ecosystems, and highlights our commitment to inclusivity by targeting educational outreach towards children from marginalized families. By blending traditional maritime practices with a progressive sustainability curriculum, we aim to prepare our youth to become conscientious environmental stewards, supporting SDG 4: Quality Education.